50th anniversary campaign for Cain Hibbard & Myers



An EGLahr project

Promotional package and plan to celebrate the 50 years of success with special ads and events, 50th logo, print ads for newspaper and play bill, postcard invite & mouse pad party favors. Logo use also on the website header, stationary letterhead, etc. Ellen Lahr’s campaign concept, editorial content, and art direction on the ad photos. I provided the graphics.

The clients wanted to move into a more contemporary feel. When I sent the sketch of the invitation with the new 50th logo,  I got the art approval phone call and was told a record had been broken. For the first time in their 50 years they all sat down together and agreed on something!

The final event held at the Colonial Theater Garage, Lucy Prachker gave a great talk that the mouse pad illustrated – it was entitled, “Dopamine, email and Christie-gate: How to avoid email disasters in business, government and love.” Ellen’s witty mouse pad was a big hit at the anniversary party.