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When writer/editor/ PR maven Ellen Lahr decided to launch her own business she needed a website. We wanted to reflect the contemporary technology that she would be offering her clients and with a retro feel from her many years as newspaper writer and editor. We came up with this newspaper torn edge concept giving her site a techno-retro look. Ellen Lahr’s writing skills along with her vision for strategy help clients to clarify their message and realize the next step to promote their business as well as helping to navigate through rough situations effectively.

In Jan 2014 Ellen and I rented an office together in beautiful downtown Housatonic where we collaborate on websites, print media and various design projects for Berkshire businesses and beyond. We love it and really enjoy creating together.

Some clients we have worked with: QSMA, Cain Hibbard & Myers, New Marlborough Village Association, Berkshire Children and Families, Aston Magna Music Festival, Audrey Schoenfeld Real Estate


Ellen Lahr Public Relations Berkshires MA - website design

Below – Ellen blogging about a blogging session she hosted at Housie Market Cafe in Housatonic MA.

Ellen Lahr Public Relations Berkshires MA - website updates