A documentary



A Lincoln Mayorga production

A Suitcase Full of Chocolate and then the website and the rest…

This was a massive project that took years to accomplish. Documentary, website, CD and DVD packaging and movie poster. Lincoln Mayorga is a tremendous talent as a pianist, composer and producer. He approached me to build his movie out of a bazillion hours of video spanning 30 years of her life, photos, interviews, newspaper articles and musical recordings to tell the story of this great lady, Sofia Cosma. Having never worked on a project on this scale I called my son Michael who was in college at the time studying film making. I began to tell Michael about he project and he took over the conversation with such knowledge, I thought, “Wow, he is learning something in college!” With his confidence I said yes to the job and together we edited the film which lead to the website suitcasefullofchocolate.com where you can view the trailer and read more. Lincoln has presented viewings of the film throughout the US and in Romania where Sofia taught.