April 5, 2020

Why blog? part 2 about Mark Thorne



Mark Thorne came to my office looking for a website where he could show, share and sell his photography. WOW. What a treat designing  a site to display such great images – like National Geographic great! First we created a smugmug site. Then I asked Mark if he wanted a blog, initially he said said –  no, I don’t think I want to blog – but really he already was blogging.

Mark takes unusual nature photos (mostly) and had been sending out piles of pictures to his followers via email with descriptions of the adventures – isn’t that like blogging? Blogging was made for people like Mark who like to communicate and have an ongoing source of material. So, I told him he was already blogging. The smugmug site markthornephotography.com views more like a portfolio, slideshow and shop with all kinds of print options. And the blog is just like a … blog – markthorne.photos  (very very cool url) The .photos was released in time for his site – I thought that was a certain sort of big sign of approval from the WWW that he indeed should have a blog.

As time goes by and he continues to fill up the blog with pictures and stories he will create a beautiful archive rather than contributing to the email abyss. And, nobody likes the abyss.

Thank you Mark for your art and for taking the plunge and blogging.




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