April 5, 2020

Why blog?

should-i-blogIs blogging for you? You might have a lot to say, pictures to share, something to teach, events to review, to drive traffic to your website, news to spread – you might enjoy writing! Whatever your purpose blogging should be about something you know that will come naturally for you to write about. The search engines really love blogs, if they are well fed. Blogs are certainly SEO (search engine optimization) positive. Ongoing worthy content via your blog will help significantly to rank you higher and closer to the top of the page in search results.

Attract attention to your blog with Facebook. Much of life is about communication thus the popularity of Facebook. Very quick, easy, accessible. Facebook and your blog can work together really well. I was very resistant to Facebook for a long time guarding my privacy – but through the website design business my clients drove me by their need to Facebook. For the most part I use it for business, event promotion and following my children! I really appreciate it now and it really can be fun. One of my favorite’s is when my biz partner Ellen posted a video of her own feet snowshoeing to work. She took selfies to a whole new level!

A blog post can be casual to serious; as informal articles, critical reviews, ‘how to’ tutorials or even pages in a novel. You can begin blogging and acquire a following to support traditional publishing. If you have a substantial following to your blog a publishing company will highly regard your potential buyers and more likely offer a contract. A photographer or artist may not write much at all and post new images as they create and keep people in touch. There are many reasons to blog, but it does take commitment – your blog will not write itself.

I will continue to blog about blogging (don’t you love it?) among other things related to websites and how to leverage your site to help your business grow.

Happy New Year & Happy Blogging in 2015!

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